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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Should be studying. Should be ass-ignment writing. Should be job-hunting. Should be doing anything other than spending the morning getting my head and hair pampered and bludging around drinking Diet Coke and eating... well. I'm not eating. I probably should be eating, so I'll add that to my list. Well, eating well. My body is so lame. I'm either looking like I'm about to seriously chunkify or if I'm currently taking my second round of chemo. I thought I was getting towards the chunkier side of things as I've been smoke-free for a few months now, so instead of lighting up when I drink, I binge on honey duck tapas instead (which by the way, yum!). Of course the other night my sister told me to eat something as I was looking "Europe thin" again. Maybe I'm just retarded. Ah well. Soon I'll have a personal trainer and I can become all buff(er)-Dawei! I figure it won't take long, I look pretty fit after a few weeks of actual doing stuff. Of course that would be a few weeks of like, working out and stuff, and sitting here drinking Diet Coke is so much easier. Stupid lack of personal determination and drive to succeed in set goals.

Things have been so crazy around here lately though. Well, not really. But uni is seriously cunting me the fuck right off at the moment. Man, I cannot wait for this cunting semester to be over already. I don't care how well I go, I just want to get through it. Today was meant to be the day when I finally pulled my finger out and did some work, but getting my hair done was so much more urgent. I've decided to ditch the whole twinky school-boy blond short hair shit thing (short hair is so played), and am going to go a bit longer. So now I have all of the following: a mullet, hair that curls around my ear lobes, a frullet, a slight texturised fauxhawk (only like, not. I'm not like, a try-hard wannabe or anything), short sides, and some sexy stubble. Mmmmclassy. Actually, I was wearing the ultimate in Eurotrash designers, Dolce and Gabbana, so I rocked it. Dawei: bringing Eurotrash to Vegas. It's a lot better than it sounds, trust me. At least I haven't any streaks in my hair!

Shut up.

I mean, it's good to have a bit of a change. Father gave me a solid spraying last night over my rather pricey phone bill, and I was feeling pretty down. So like, what's better than spending more money to pep yourself up a bit? I think everyone is just a little bit stressed at the moment. Mother is following in her son's footsteps and having something shoved up her arse today. Well, in her case it's a camera, as opposed to me who has tongues and thumbs (YES, shut UP. No dick yet, but it's inevitable. Although his cock is a lot thicker than his fucking thumb. God, how mortifying). So yeah, she's been running up and down the hall shitting out her liquid thing, yelling things as she goes such as "oh my GOD I'm bleeding!", "Not clear yet, guys!", "OH MY GOD I'M DRIBBLING MY PANTS!!!!", and a triumphant "CLEAR!".

My family is mental. It's a wonder I came out so normal.