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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
I don't know what's more pathetic: how domestic I've become, or how much I'm enjoying it. Kill me. Well, don't kill me, as I still have to be a poseur on Fifth Avenue and learn Italian (yay, goals). Maybe you could all pitch in and give me a giant bitchslap or something to get me back into the game. But I've been so busy with stupid fucking Christmas, planning my upcoming Sydney adventure, and finding a stupid job to pay for the two previous things, I haven't had much time to be out gallavanting and whooping it up. Like, seriously, in the past week I've painted a fence, cooked a "romantic" dinner, landscaped a garden (ok, it was about a metre of earth, but it's still a garden), trimmed five non-genital bushes, and baked like, six trays of cookies. Turning into the Help much, Dawei? And being down the Coast all the time, I've managed to fit in a few hours of tanning so even my skin is catching up to "the Help" tag.

It was about the time when I was flipping through a Contemporary Home Design magazine contemplating purchasing a Barcelona chair when I had a premonition of me wandering about a flower market looking at orchids while wearing Calvin Klein and strands of pearls. So of course I had to get totally alpha male-y and demanded a servicing right then and there. Of course, afterwards we had Caipirinas and I think I ended up with a pearl necklace anyway so I don't think I achieved much in the way of proving my manliness.

But yes, Cap Guy and I celebrated our three-month anniversary on Saturday. Things are good, with only a couple of mild mutual bitchings which are usually about his jealousy/trust issues. Things certainly aren't my fault. He's more stubborn than me and doesn't waver from his convictions if he thinks he's right. Which I guess is admirable, but more realistically, it's annoying. Because, hello, I'm usually right. Heh. Nah. But I think his family are starting to get used to me too. Like, I was at his parents' penthouse, and his father actually said a couple of words to me when we were in the sauna. Progress, people!

Uhm, anything else new? Still looking for a job (applied for three, didn't get any. How fucking rude is that? No wonder so many people are on unemployment benefits. Maybe I should move to Palm Island and go on the dole. Of course I'd really have to work on my tan for that.) What else? Oooh, I'm growing my hair!

God. Could I be more gay/lame/boring? I totally should have signed up for that sure-to-be personality vacuum Queer Eye for the Straight Australian Guy. I'm sure I would have totally fitted in.