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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Cap Guy is turning into my parents, which is totally annoying. He even has the same big dick as my Dad! Not that I know what my Dad's dick looks like hard, of course. Except that time I sort of walked in and saw it through the sheets. But I mean when it's all flaccid-y and elephant trunk-esque and I think I've gone into way too much information about my father's cock. Moving on.

But yeah, we sort of had a disagreement the other night about my state of employment, and how I must love being unemployed and getting handouts from everyone. Firstly: how rude! I actually hate sponging from everyone. Well, I like it when the parents pay for things, but that's only things like clothes, shoes, uni stuff, my phone, haircuts, and the occasional tank of petrol. Which I would be totally fine paying, you know, it's just that petrol is really expensive these days. But they refuse to up my spending money for general things, so it's not as if I'm flashing around cash having the sort of lifestyle I had a while ago. Especially now that I'm in a couple (gag), where we have to go out all the time, and eat out for every meal, and have coffee (snore).

Well, it wouldn't be so bad, I guess, but I haven't got the cash to support that yet so dumb Cap Guy usually ponies it up which I guess he's getting sick of. Which, like, I totally understand. I told him ages ago that I didn't want him to buy me everything, and I didn't want him to support me just because he happened to be financially sound. I guess it's just embarrassing to realise how much I suck at finding work, and how good I am at sponging. Sigh. Meh. It's all good now, even though his argument went way off-track, and he started getting into how I'm a university student with false aspirations about employment post-degree and how you have to work from the bottom at any shit job blahblahblah. Which, yeah, works for some people. But hello, he went to uni too! And sorry, but any part-time work I find now is most likely not going to be in the field of my career.

I WILL FIND SOMETHING! Roar! Determination! Success! Money! Etc.!

I think he's just a bit shitty with me still, as my parents received an anonymous letter "warning" them about Cap Guy, and how he's using me and how they should be worried for my sexual health and mental well-being. Which, yeah, is very creepy. Luckily they already knew about him first! But what a cunty thing to do. Who would do something so... lame? He seems to think it's one of my good friends, but why would he do that? He'd be more likely to get drunk and yell at me if something was wrong. Sending a letter like that makes no sense. And of course it couldn't be any of Cap Guy's friends or someone he knows, as the details in the letter were all wrong, and make him sound so much worse. Eyeroll. Use a little imagination and common sense, Cap Guy.

But anyway, I should be applying myself to get jobs. But it's raining outside, so I can't go around looking at Help Wanted signs. I'll look up Seek. Which I shall do after I finish playing Gabriel Knight 3. This game spanks ass.