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Thursday, January 13, 2005
I need some job advice. Is it tacky to include a photo with the résumé and letter of intent blahblahblah? I always thought it was, but apparently it's all the rage now. Is that why I haven't had any response from the millions (cough) of applications I've sent in? God. Job hunting is so hard! I reckon dole-bludgers get a pretty sweet deal. Stupid selfish wealthy parents, preventing me from sponging from the government. All they would have to do is write a letter saying that they don't support me, and I could be on easy street (well, Vulture Street, haw) collecting my weekly cheque with the Abos and Griffith students. Is that too much to ask? Like, selfish much, parents? It's not as if they support me much anymore anyway. Like, my credit card bill came in the other day, and it wasn't so bad. I mean, they didn't really get up me for any purchases, which they normally do. Maybe I could be spending more, hmmm.

But anyway, I'm applying at high-end fashion-y type places, so maybe a photo isn't such a bad thing to include. I mean, I'm usually pretty cute I reckon. At the moment not so much, as I'm pale as fuck and have "sexy" stubble and a bit of a mullet, but I still look totally better than most of the plebs who work in those places. Like, I went into Prada (ugly man shoes, and what is up with those dangly key chain skeleton things you loop around your neck and clothes?), and one of the girls there was totally... ew! Hello, we live in Queensland: colour is your friend. But yeah. I totally have the icy WASP cheekbones and condescending attitude to rock the retail. Unfortunately I don't speak Asian, which is like, 85% of the clientele. Stupid learning of European and Ancient languages. Sigh. My job skills are way off. They really should tell people to use a bit of foresight about their future careers when they are in like, year eight.

But now I have to find like, a passport photo or something. I think I have one lying around somewhere, but that's from last year. It should do, but a cool black and white one would be better. Sigh. For all this bloody work, I better get a fucking job out of it.