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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
I'm a bit embarrassed for Mark Latham. Did you see his man-boobs a-jiggle when he was running from the press and locking up his ugly-ass gate? Well, I'm embarrassed for a bit more than that, but first things first. I mean, how does he feel to be run out of politics because he was too busy tanning his pasty arse on the beach and drinking blueberry mojitos to make a dumb three sentence statement about that wave thing? Idiot. Tsk tsk, poor Labor. You'd think they'd use this opportunity to like, take some initiative and change their party around to be more effective, but it looks like they are going back to the same old boring people, doing the exact same boring thing. Like, duh. This is why you keep getting creamed. Look at the two people who are up for leadership: one is an obese, boring, failure who no one voted for, and the other is an obese, boring, nobody who looks like a paedophile who no one will vote for. Sigh. I don't know why they don't shake things up and give the job to fucking Julia Gillard already. I usually vote Liberal, and yet I still think she's on the ball and would do a good job. Except for Medicare, or whatever it was she botched. She has that whole respectable and tough thing going on. I mean, every other country in the world (well, a lot of them. Okay, I can think of three) have had female leaders. I don't really buy into that "Australians won't support a female leader" crap. Although she is a red-dog, I guess. Hmmmm.

Bah. I don't even know why I care. Maybe I should go into politics! If that fucking Midnight Oil loser can do it, surely it's not that hard? Although then I'd have to move to Canberra I guess.

Sorry about the boring politics talk. I'm totally like Tim Blair! Not that I've ever read him. He's all politics-y and stuff, right? Meh. Nap time.