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Monday, February 14, 2005
Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but Cap Guy flew me over to Hamilton Island for an extended Valentine's Day present.


Okay, he didn't. I'm just lazy. But he told me this morning that's what he was thinking of doing. Of course he didn't follow through on that because... I don't know. He's a tightass? Meh. Although I guess buying four properties is going to hit the Louis Vuitton porte-billets a little harshly. And it's not as if my present of cupcakes was going to be anything special. (Especially as I didn't find time to make them, as I was too busy buying t-shirts, ahem). He did however leave a very nice card on my pillow when I woke up this morning (by him jumping on my chest. Isn't he friendly?).

But yes. Happy Valentine's Day! Normally I would abhor such a blatantly commercial "holiday", but now that I'm all coupled and shit I have no reason to be bitter, can drop the faux-indignation, and can enjoy the day for what it is: another day where I can get something for nothing! Hurrah. Of course a card doesn't really count for much, but I'm sure I can leech something from Mother when she gets home from work.

PS -- my hair is looking beyond ass. I'm having quite the dilemma, as I want to grow it longer, but I really should get it trimmed... but it's taken all this effort to get it this long. Fucking hair. Sigh. I wish it took less effort to get a hair cut. I almost wish I was one of those people who can get a walk-in hatchet job at a shopping centre. Stupid affluence.