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Monday, March 28, 2005
Happy Easter, Dawei fans! I know I'm like, a day (or three if people say "Happy Easter" on Good Friday) late, but I've been away so y'all can cram it. Normally I totally feel the Easter holidays as it finally signals the beginning of cooler weather creeping into the days which are perfect and totally beach-worthy. And you can like, wear long pants! And NOT get ass-sweat! And you can sit around watching bad TV and eating Belgian white chocolate and not feel guilty or like a complete fatass! But yeah, as I said before this year the holidays are far too early in the year, so it's still boiling, and I feel bad about not going to uni enough and the early holiday feels like I'm just bludging another week from uni. Stupid calendar, making me feel guilty. And my first round of assignments are due in like a week or two. Okay, one is only like, two hundred and fifty words, but I still have to write it! Man, I cannot wait to graduate. Although then I guess I'll have to work out what I want to do with my life and start all over again. Le sigh.

But yeah, I've been trying to put that out of my mind, and concentrate on the task at hand: getting down to some serious holidaying. Which, by the way, has been totally exhausting. I had a Good Friday dinner with Cap Guy's parents, which was pretty interesting. They seem to make it a big deal, in that the family hangs out together and gets along with one another and eat and drink a lot. My family not so much. We don't really go in for all that happy family celebrate love shit. But yeah, it was pretty cool. We actually ate fish on Good Friday, which I found totally quaint. I didn't know people did that in real life! I'm not much of a fish man (insert vagina joke here), but I made an exception for some rather tasty salmon steaks. I think his parents are slowly warming to me, which is nice. Well, they've always been nice and stuff, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable around them. Plus they live in this really excellent place on the water, like, totally out of Vogue Living, so I'm always scared I'm going to break something, or put my arm through their Mark Rothko. But yeah, I've been feeling a bit more relaxed around them now. Like, they gave me a big bag of Easter eggs, and they seemed impressed that I knew like, half a sentence in German and liked (parts of) Zürich as they are all Swiss and stuff. God, I'm so totally a charmer, hey! In fact, I have been thinking of doing some Deutsche tapes or some shit. I really should learn the dumb language, as they have houses and stuff over there so it couldn't hurt. And I did win the German prize in year six, ahem. I just wish they spoke a nicer language... German doesn't do too much for me, sigh.


So now I have the rest of the week to do my assignments! Hurrah! Of course, I'm not going to do them until the day they are due, but I can always pretend that this time things will be different, right? Meh. Well, it's not as if I could do them today, as last night marked my triumphant return back to the Beat. So of course I couldn't work today, as I was too busy having multiple hot showers to get the stench of smoke, watery beer, cheap clothes, and desperation out of my hair and skin. Seriously, is that place always so... skank? It's always pretty gross, but last night was... yeah. Vile. Although I probably wasn't nearly wasted enough. And no one was really out, and I refuse to go to passé Fluffy with all the tragic queens who think they are all that but wouldn't recognise an Alexander McQueen harness thing if I whipped it about their lesion-covered faces, hmmph. And come to think of it, my semen the other day REEKED, so maybe I fit in more than I think I do? Do you think I have an STD?! Are there any STDs that make your cum stink like chunky bleach? It's weird. Normally my lurrrve-juice smells of nectre, and (according to various sources, tastes rather pleasant). I've even been drinking at least three litres of water a day, so it's not like it's dehydration stripping the ejaculate to it's basic parts. Stupid body. Next time I let fly I expect you to be back in normal order, semen.