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Thursday, March 24, 2005
I have like, two pimples! ARGH! Well, I think one of them is an ingrown hair as it's really small, and just a red bump with no pus-y bit on the top, and I'm being all Stubble Guy at the moment... but yeah. How vile. I'm sure it's due to stress, as I totally went to some of my classes this week! And it seriously reminded me as to why I skip so damn much: fucking undergrad pleb students. Like, just because we go to university doesn't mean we don't have to take care of our hair and vote Labor and be overly opinionated, right? I'm thinking about joining the Young Libs purely out of spite. Oh, and also, they are ALL American! When did this happen? And they aren't cool Americans either, they are all from like, "Philly" or "Jersey" or "Texas". I don't really mind having foreign students in my classes, but can the Americans please head to the Economics faculty and leave more room for the incredibly scorchingly blindingly hot (and nice I guess) Scandinavians? Thanks.

But even with stupid uni being a constant pain in my ass, the realisation that my first assignments are due soon after the holidays (one of which is like, 50% and IMPOSSIBLE looking), this week has been a bit more stressful than my normal weeks of lying around reading magazines, hanging out on the Gold Coast, drinking pretentious red wine, and shopping (but speaking of shopping, can someone in Paris please send me some Lagerfeld Gallery trousers and belts? Thanks. Or better yet, monsieur, how about you spend less time designing for hideous Fendi and open a Sydney store so I can buy them myself? Merci). Cap Guy's uncle in Switzerland died suddenly this week, so he's been a bit upset at that, for which I can't blame him I guess. But I've stopped drinking Diet Coke, and that is really killing me. Seriously, that shit is canned crack yo.

At least there are holidays next week so I can relax again. Which is bad, because hasn't uni only been back for like, three weeks? What's with the short-arse term? I've just started to get my shit together! And is next term going to go for like, sixteen weeks? Because that is going to suck.

Oh, and I'm still unemployed. Christ, it's impossible to find work in this country. Zero unemployment my ass. All the good jobs must be taken by boatpeople.