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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Yeah, sorry for the even more-so infrequent updates, but my commitment to my university studies must come first. Okay, that's bullshit. Uni has only been back for like, two weeks, and I've barely gone. It's not my fault nothing interesting happens in the first weeks (I hope). My interest in physically attending classes has dwindled since I got a 7 in some subject even though I attended only one lecture and no tutorials. Ah well, I'm sure I'll put in an appearance again soon. I mean, it's Easter holidays like, next week, so I have to go before then, right? And I attend in spirit! Well, I went to OfficeWorks and bought a whole lot of study shit, and the other day I bought some new university shorts so it's not like I'm totally dissing my educational development. I just need a bit of time to warm up. Sigh.

But yeah, nothing much has been happening. I've been a bit worried about my grandmother, as she's having surgery like, right now. She should be fine, but it's a bit creepy nonetheless. My mother went to the hospital last night, but I couldn't make myself go. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but I saw her on Sunday (and introduced her to Cap Guy, how embarrassing). And if I went again it would be just to say goodbye in case she died which... no thanks. Bah. But yeah, I'm sure she's fine. And she liked Cap Guy and vice versa. He liked that she still trawls markets for obscure wanky food products and uses silver. I guess snobs attract snobs. And really, her being in hospital is a good excuse as to why I haven't been attending my classes as much as I should. Hmmm!

PS -- I said this to Ruth the other day, but don't you just HATE people in lectures who nod along knowingly to what the lecturer is saying? Stupid suck-up students who actually do the readings and go to classes.

PPS -- As long as I'm all clique-y, I may as well say "smell ya later, CultureStrain". You couldn't compete, but your run-off traffic from that article was useful.