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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
An Itemised Account of Things Found in Dawei's Room Whilst Cleaning
(file under Procrastination, Methods of)

  • one (1) pair of totally boss kid leather gloves. Which is unfortunate as I was hankering on buying some fingerless ones for this Winter. Meh.
  • four (4) bottles of half-drunk Evian.
  • three (3) bent cigarettes which must have been from 2003. Ew.
  • several (unknown, flung immediately into bin) lecture handouts from second year.
  • one (1) disc containing Year 11 assignments.
  • one (1) disc containing really bad porn I used to think was hot.
  • approximately twelve (12) loose condoms of varying brands. I don't know why these are running around loose and unnoticed now that I'm actually like, getting some.
  • one (1) Yves Saint Laurent top which I was paranoid I'd accidentally donated to Lifeline in one of my random throw-out-my-wardrobe fits.
  • ten (10) Swiss francs.
  • one hundred (100) Czech koruna.
  • six (6) Australian dollars.
  • four (4) pairs of underwear (three mine, one not. Previous owner long forgotten. I don't know what I was thinking, someone with white undies? No. Stupid alcohol.).
  • one (1) dust-ball the size of a tumbleweed.
  • one (1) petrified puddle of cat vomit under the bed, so old it broke off in jagged pieces.

    Sigh. I haven't even got to my cupboards yet!