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Monday, May 16, 2005
My past couple of weeks have been more tightly packed than a 14 year old fag's anus in a public toilet after school. Well, sort of. More than usual. Well, maybe. I think it's just because I did some work for a change, which always makes me feel all studious and productive and shit. But with all the lunching, drinking, par-taying, fighting, making up, getting my arse kicked by uni and stupid applications, and splitting my time between two cities, I'm positively exhausted!

The fighting and making up sounds very exciting and dramatic, but it's not really. I wouldn't even bother going into much detail, but my fan base has grown so considerably I know you are all just dying for every juicy morsel I throw you about my stupid affairs. Basically stupid Cap Guy got a "bad haircut", so it pissed him off for three days and took it out on me because my hair is shiny and magnificent at the moment. The most annoying thing was that his haircut wasn't even bad. He's just an idiot. Like, you know how people have body dysmorphia where they think they have like, no arms, or a gigantic arse, or a fucked up nose or something, when they really have quite nice features? I think he has that about his hair. Hence the caps (which he looks assy in, by the way), and the permanent bitchings about how shit his hair is, and how he wants to cut it all off again and go back to having it super short. Which, ugh. Short hair? How 1998. ANYWAY, he got all shitty with me for some reason and basically accused me of being a lazy-ass gold digger who doesn't actually want to work and he can't provide the lifestyle I am expecting from him and blah blah blah. Like, rude much? Okay, sure, I don't want to work, but I have been looking! It's not my fault no one wants to hire me! I'm actually trying really hard! Well, I'm not going around door knocking, clutching a folder full of photocopied resumés because, well, how embarrassing, but I'm doing everything else! And as for being a gold digger... ha! I wish! Like, I pay for coffee and stuff. Hmmph. I hate it when people don't notice my good intentions. It makes me not want to try at all.

But yeah, his shitty, shitty mood didn't last long, and then he was back to normal by the weekend. Which is good, because on Friday I met up with some of my old semi-ex friends who I haven't seen since our falling out in Sydney, and I was a bit worried that he might be a bit pissed because they were pretty cunty to him. But he pushed me to make amends, and the whole thing was pretty nerve-wracking really, but it was a mostly cool night. Well, one of my friend's brothers was there, and he is like, a totally first-rate tool. He's done like, two years of law school, so of course he thinks he's Michael Kirby. Basically we were having an argument about stupid Schapelle Corby and her case. Anyway, he was getting all in my face in that tired law-student way, and his brother was supporting HIM because all of a sudden two years of law school makes a fully trained lawyer. And really, what would Dawei know, he doesn't know anything about anything haw haw! Tool. Ugh, I hate those over-confident, self-involved people. But yeah, I totally felt Left-wing that night. Not only were we having a semi-political discussion (not only about stupid Schapelle Corby, but I was dissing Bosnia and how I'd never visit there, and his brother got all up me AGAIN), but we drank beer on a verandah with all the empties scattered around and smoked Chinese cigarettes. Classy. All I needed was one of those faux-Communist hats and a "McShit" t-shirt and I'd totally look like a Labor voter!

But don't worry, Cap Guy and I spent the next night in this funky boutique-y hotel (probably trying to make up for calling me a gold-digger), and spent Saturday night drinking a few bottles of a very tidy pinot noire so that was a bit more Dawei-ish. For some reason we were escorted to the VIP section and were plied with cocktails and Cristal. But hey, not complaining. Although people have started to compare me with Andrew G again which is a bit annoying. And the people from Friday night said I looked like that guy from The OC with my new long-ass hair (even though, as far as I can tell, he has short hair and is HIDEOUS)!! Argh. Why can't people ever compare me to someone hot, instead of all these bland-ass vanilla blonds? Le sigh.

But yeah, that's about my life at the moment. Doing some uni, writing a butt-load of applications to prove my non gold-digger-ness which are painfully embarrassing. How important are the "Experience" and "References" part of resumés anyway? Hmmph. And I had to find a non-dead-eyed-crack-whore photo for one which was even MORE embarrassing. And even if I do get pulled into an interview for that one, they are clearly going to realise that the photo I chose was taken about ten years ago. God. All this fucking work better be worth it. Maybe I should become a gold-digger and just trade-up?