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Thursday, June 30, 2005
What's with this crazy Queensland weather of late? Like, temperatures below fifteen degrees? Like, I swear, I totally nearly had to wear mittens and a scarf. But then I saw some tools wandering about in them in the city and rolled my eyes. It might be a bit chilly, but it will never be acceptable to wear a scarf in South-East Queensland, asshats. But yeah. What with the freezing cold of last week, and now the Gold Coast today has suddenly turned into Banda Aceh (only with, like, more Asian people and more fake Louis Vuitton), something is seriously fucked up with the weather. And seriously, enough with the rain already. You know that Pantene Pro-V ad where that chick uses the conditioner and she can like, get hit with flying water from a taxi and remain silky smooth while her two jealous co-workers end the day with just-fucked hair and grab their split, frizzy, follicles in utter jealousy and despair? I'm one of those girls. Only like, more hung and shit. Stupid water. I had to use my sister's old highschool umbrella, because my stupid selfish family took all the good umbrellas. Now, I look retarded enough with a hot umbrella, let alone a stupid piece of shit Girls' Grammar one from ten years ago. Le sigh. My holidays haven't been very relaxing so far.

Well, it was a bit today, as I thought "fuck it" and finally got my hair cut off. Well, not all of it, but it's much shorter than it was and looks much, much better. I have hot hair. It's a bit... uhm... pixie-esque. Elfin. Fine, okay, faggoty. But in a straight way? Does that make sense? Meh. It looks hot. I thought I better get it tamed, as tomorrow I have my first ever job interview!!! I haven't really thought much about it, because if I do, I feel like either shitting, pissing, or barfing. I don't think I'm very good at interviews. Well, I don't really know as I've never been on one before, but it sometimes takes me a while to warm to people. Like, two or three drinks? Sigh. I guess it doesn't really matter if they like me or not. All my family and shit are just really pleased that there is a vague possibility that I might soon have work. Mum has been especially pleased, and to take my mind off the interview, we did a week of hardcore shopping for the perfect interview-outfit. Not stuffy and too dressed up, but classy and expensive looking. Mmmmextremepointytoedshoes. Yay. And tonight I got my nails to an appropriate length and buffed them and had two vanilla and lime martinis, which sort of explains the stream of consciousness style this post has been. Eeek!

Oh, and I think Cap Guy is fucking someone else, but I'm not sure. Sad face.