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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Boy, this whole work thing sure is FUN! Not. Sigh. Thankfully I only do it for like, one day a week. I really should get another job as well, but eh, no cool jobs are around at the moment (not that I'd get the cool jobs, mind you, because I had no luck getting the shit ones). And I'm already dreading going back to university, and that's not for another couple of weeks (I think). Somehow I don't think "dread" is the proper reaction to have while thinking of uni. I'm so doing the wrong course. Woe! Turmoil! Frustration! Etc.! And I planned to be finished by the end of this year, but now I have the sinking feeling I will have three more subjects to go. Cap Guy and my parents are already threatening with disownership and crucifixtion if I don't finish this year. WHY PUNISH ME FOR MY ACTIONS OF THE PAST, BITCHES?!?

Sigh. I feel like I should have done something more visual-related, or something with a bit more... I don't know, life in it or something. But it's too late for that now. Or is it...?

Well enough blithering about my future (or lack thereof), I should say something about my present... or immediate past rather. Such as Dawei joining the working class! I was totally going to wear a blue collared shirt for my first day, and then buy anyone who commented on my blue-collaredness a drink, but then I remembered I don't own any blue shirts. Because ew. Well, except for my highschool uniform, but that's purely for nostalgia and the occasional kinky sex game. So instead I settled to be overdressed in Miu Miu. I probably shouldn't have bothered, I'm not doing much. Like, this chick showed me to my desk (whee, I have a desk!) and then left me to it. I then checked my email, looked at ebay and Amazon (which the iMac thoughtfully suggests in little tabs when I open the browser), drooled over the new Spring 2006 Rykiel Homme line, then checked my email again. Work is boring, yo.

But yay me! I finally have something to write on my résumé. Surely I can only go up from here? Empowering thoughts! Success! Etc.!

But yeah, to celebrate my workingness I took Cap Guy out for dinner at Isis, which was... pretty good. Well, at the time it was excellent. But seeing as I was in a generous mood I bought I very expensive but delightful Burgundy, and in combination with other Valley Fiesta beverages I ended up pissed of my face. At the time I didn't think I was that bad, but the next morning I was like, totally hungover which was a bit gross. I even thought I was going to barf! Although that was probably more of a combination of not sleeping properly in the stupid hotel bed, hunger, and a general seediness. But I'm like, really paranoid about vomit, so I freaked OUT. I was like, pacing the halls of the hotel, and breathing heavily through my nostrils like I was being fisted, and didn't really calm down until I had a huge latté and bacon on toast.

Meanwhile, Cap Guy doesn't seem very sympathetic to my depressed bouts about my future and hatingness of my present situation. He just tells me that I "need a boot up my arse" and he's "too busy to even think about [himself]". Hmmph. How unsympathetic. It's okay for him, because he just sold one of his houses on the Gold Coast so he has cash flowing out of his anus. But what about me?! Like, he could at least buy ME something for a change, just to cheer me up a bit. Unthoughtful much?

Maybe I should follow my back-up-life-plan and run away to Italy and learn how to make shoes.