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Thursday, July 21, 2005
So yeah, the other night was sooooo embarrassing. Like, Cap Guy was fucking me bareback, and when he pulled his cock out it was covered in this brown-y fibrous material. So gross. It looked like those cornflake-y seaweed-y things that you sometimes get in the ocean. Vile. I think it was the remnants of the duck confit I consumed over the weekend. Ew! It was alright in the end though, a quick wipe down with the moist towelettes he conveniently keeps on his nightstand and we were good to go again. I guess he had real reason to deep throat my cock after that, considering if my dick touched his taste buds he'd be getting a delicious smorgasbord of flavourings like sesame seeds, roughage, and colon.

Okay, that didn't really happen. I was just trying to porn up what is supposedly my sex-free "gay themed blog"! Hmmph. Apparently I'm a failure as a homosexual. Although most homosexuals I see about the place wear Industrie and think jeans + thongs are cool and "totally butch", so maybe that's a good thing. Meh. Anyway, y'all should have realised that opening paragraph was a bullshit. I mean, it's not like we do anal like, ever, and I certainly would never do it bareback. I mean, I was watching this really revolting porn the other day (hey I was bored and had to make the most of Mother being out of the house), and it was like, totally scarring for life. Like, this guy was getting fucked up the ass hard (seriously, the dick was at least beer-can thick). Anyway, it was raw sex, but right at the end, after the guy had cum up the other's ass, the camera lingered on the dude's anus. And it was like, floppy from being fucked. Like, it was vulva-esque. Lips and all. Barf, much? But that wasn't all! The guy can be heard on camera encouraging the fuckee to "push" and... the guy's cum poured out of his soggy, wet he-labia!!!!!


It was so off.

Does Australia have a porn industry? I reckon I'd be a totally ace porn concept creator or pornographic cinematographer or something. I mean, surely it's not that hard to make sexy porn. There are just some rules you have to follow. For instance, NO CUMSHOTS OUT OF PEOPLES' ASSHOLES. I'm thinking I'll either be a pornographic cinematographer, or a director of music videos. There is seriously a lacking of talent here in Australia in that area as well. And speaking of video clips, is that Brian Molko wandering around in that First Day video? Because he looks sort of alright with a good haircut and that nasty black nail polish removed. I'm so into goths hey.

Apparently uni goes back next week. Unfortunately there are no pornographic cinematographer courses on offer, so I'm stuck doing boring subjects again. Sigh.