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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Wow, Rowling really dropped the ball on this last effort, didn't she? I mean, sorry to get all Harry Potter on you asses (don't worry, I'm not one of those freaks who cracked it open the moment they bought it), but some things need to be said. And this isn't even going into the Disturbing and Unfortunate Magical Backfire Leading Events to the Death Of Rowling's Egalitarian (hehe codes are fun). But, like, sluggish plot much? Annoying characters (I mean, more so than usual) much? And seriously, what was with Tonks and Remus holding fucking hands?!! Firstly, ick, and secondly, Remus and Sirius were totally boning. Why would Remus want stupid-ass, faux-punk, faux-attitude, annoyingly-monikered, vagina-possessing Tonks when his previous lurrrve was sexy, sarcastic, rich Sirius? Makes. No. Sense. I'm choosing to believe it was purely out of support rather than romance. If I let myself believe otherwise I'm very tempted to take a big-ass black pen to every copy I can get my hands on and cross out those few lines. Grumble.

Stupid Rowling. Cop out on all points.

But enough of lame Harry Potter (hmm, in my posts I've only ever referred to reading two books: Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter. I'm like, so totally well-read aren't I?). But university is back this week, and I already hate it. Like, there isn't a single hot person in any of my classes. Of course it's only lectures this week so things aren't definitely settled, and I only made it to half of them anyway. But it's the principle of it all! Everyone knows the only good thing about going back to university is scoping out your classes to see how many hot Scandinavian students are taking the course with you. So far I've spotted about like, three semi-hot people. Sigh. Even the semi-hot chick (oh, how desperate am I for eye-candy?) in one of my seminars turned out to be not Swedish, but an over-bleached, over-fake-tanned beeyotch from Connecticut (I thought people from Connecticut steered clear of fake tan and were more into the pearls and Chanel? Because I could handle that...) Bah. But tutorials next week... maybe hot people will turn up. Actually, I've lost a little faith in the hotness of Scandinavians recently. Like, this guy who is at "work": he is rather unfortunate looking and yet has a misleadingly hot Scando name. Very annoying, as I saw his name on the roster-y thing, and was all excited. I thought ugly people were cast out of Scandinavia?

But yeah, not looking forward to this semester. Especially as like, doing extra subjects and I've already got work to do. I have to read this absolute brick of a book by Monday, and do a buttload of other shit. Sigh. I hate university. Plus I haven't paid my fees yet, so they keep ringing my phone but I keep ignoring them. Stupid parents being at work all day, I need their card! And that's not even going near the disaster that is the state of my walk-in. It's high time for a bit of splurging. I mean, going back to uni without buying new clothes? What's that all about? I saw a very tidy Dior Homme shirt that I know I would look smokin' in at university. Although I also need a new bag. And a Powerbook. And a digital camera.

Well, it is my birthday in two months or so. Start saving!