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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Happy anniversary to me! And Cap Guy too, but y'all don't care about him.

Unfortunately it was a bit of a dud day, as Cap Guy is all cold-y so we couldn't even share a romantic peck on the lips. Not that I go in for all that romance shit, ahem. So, for our special night, instead of going to Isis, we got some lame-ass Italian food (they forgot our garlic bread! What's the point of eating Italian if the garlic bread isn't flowing?), and he fell asleep while I watched Duets. Rather grim, I know. He talked in his sleep a couple of times which was fun, and I felt his testes a couple of times, because he was generating some serious HEAT. He was feeling well enough for me to ejaculate over him the next morning though, which was good. He said it tasted like coriander. Stupid semen.

So yeah, today was better. Except for a "fun outing" we went to DFO. For all you non-BrisVegans, DFO is some new factory outlet store. And man, you should see all the creepy characters there. Fucking. Feral. And twenty thousand of them went on Saturday alone! And like, it's right next to the airport, and you have to drive over this dirt track for about five minutes, and then park in a paddock. And speaking of the carpark? Holdens, Fords, and Hyundais as far as the eye could see. Shudder. I felt rather conspicuous pulling up in clearly the most expensive car in the entire place. Meanwhile, I don't get the whole "factory outlet" thing. I mean, I thought they were the shitty shops people sent all their duds. So you bought chipped glasses and shirts without buttons and shit. But it's just the same old shitty shops but ten dollars cheaper. Like, wow. I cringed at the Industrie shop, and how fucking busy it was. Sigh. I think they just give you a bag at the door, and tell you to feel free to take stock off the shelves. Apparently in the US and Europe you can get badass factory outlets like Prada or Barneys and shit. See that would be better. We just get lame-ass Rivers and Sunburn and shit. Sigh.

So yeah, a pretty dud-esque weekend. Which sucks as I wanted a good weekend to put me in high-spirits for my coming-up weekend of Hell. I have two assignments, a presentation, writing up said presentation, and an exam this week. And of course I haven't started any of them. Bah! But I also wanted it to be a good weekend because I had the dreaded group interview on Friday! Which was... stupid. How can they tell if you are any good or not? You, like, work in groups. And I did most of the work, but someone else read out my good ideas! And I wasn't wearing a tie, which was probably a dumb mistake. Although my shirt cost like, three hundred dollars, why would I want to cover it up with some dumbass tie? And I was by far the prettiest person in the room anyway, and any idiot can slap on a tie. Will they look past the tie? Why didn't I wear a fucking tie? Sigh.