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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I don't much like the warmer weather of impending Summer (long days spent drinking cool drinks and beach-y fun? Yay! Sweaty Butt Crack of Doom? Boo!), but I do enjoy the changing of seasons. Of course, when it's Summer, that first morning you wake up to a distinct Wintery "chill" in the air (meaning, temperatures under 25 at seven in the morning) is exciting and refreshing. You can wear jeans to uni without looking like a faggot! You actually run out of hot water when showering! If you share a bed with a slampiece, you can actually sleep the entire night in close proximity without throwing off the sheets and curling as far away from each other as possible on the mattress because if there is any skin-to-skin contact you feel like you are roasting like a French-trimmed rack of lamb and pulling apart from each other is like a hot wax!

Unfortunately we are now going the other way around, where there is a distinct Summer-y feel to the air. And it's only like, the first day of Spring. Sigh. Well, I don't mind this time of the year. It's like, my birthday soon, and it's still almost cool enough to wear jeans and shit all day (okay, I know I sound obsessed with jeans, but I HATE wearing shorts. No one looks good in shorts. Of course, I would live in South-East Queensland where people seem to think getting about in boardshorts ALL FUCKING YEAR is de rigueur. Ugh.). Also: mojito and various lime-accented cocktail season, baby! It's been a long Winter of dry martinis and Bourgogne.

Unfortunately this means that I should be doing all the work I haven't been doing all semester. I suck. And like, some of my subjects this year are assessed accumulatively. So basically I should have been doing bits of work every week, which is meant to save us doing some big-ass essay at the end. Which, yeah, sucks, because I'm not doing any work, so I'll still end up doing it all on the last night, only this time I'll have to like, present highlighted sources or some shit. Sigh. Meh.

Speaking of annoying and depressing (segue = fun), I popped into Chanel yesterday to pick up a few provisions, when the stupid woman suggested I purchase some moisturiser. How rude! Does she think I'm all scaly and dry? How embarrassment. She did give me some lovely samples though, which was very kind. I like samples. They are so... déclassé. It must be quite quaint to have to go through a variety of samples before making an informed choice and then making a purchase. Or do people not do that and I've just like, totally lost touch? Whatever. It was a bit like a snooty Ekka showbag.

But yeah, I'd better get back to doing some work (ugh, maybe). I want to have the weekend clear to buy this season's shorts. Oh, yay.