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Monday, September 26, 2005
Ugh, I just gave myself a hideous pedicure (ok, read: bad toe nail cut). Like, I HATE those stupid click-y clipper thingies. I don't know why I always use them, even though I know I can't work them and my toes always coming out looking semi-gnawed. I'm totally a toe masochist. I used to think it was because I am left-handed, but I now think it's because they just fucking suck. I mean, they give them away as prizes in Kinder Surprise, so how good can they be? So then I had to get all trimmy with the poofy gold nail scissor-y things and now I have like, a chunk of nail missing on my right toe. I would take a photo of it but... no. All you foot fetishists would print it out and laminate it and shit. I have nice feet -- long, narrow, not hairy. But now I have ugly nails! Sob. Just in time for shorts season too. At least now I have an excuse not to wear shorts and... grimace... the dreaded Havianas. I did see some rather fetching thongs in Herm├Ęs though, which were relatively affordable, I suppose.

But in non-toe news, I have five days off! Yay, holidays! Although it's a pissy little holiday. What can you achieve in five days? And really, it's only a four day holiday seeing as I don't have uni on Fridays. And I don't go to my Thursday session. And I'm only at uni for an hour on Wednesdays. Stupid uni. Like, hello, what's the point of having a holiday if you can't enjoy it? Plus two of my stupid subjects have already posted their final assignments so I should be studious and get some of that done seeing as I have to write two "portfolios" this semester, cringe.

And it's my birthday tomorrow, wheeee! What did you all get me? I don't think I am getting many presents this year, so I'm expecting big things from you lot.