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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
In contradistinction to those forms of ludic theorising that completely dismiss humanism and undermine the possibility of referring to lived experience, the politics of identity has appropriated the concept of difference to renounce universalist and monolithic conceptions of the self while retaining the centrality of experience as a referential standpoint from which peripheralised and marginalised peoples deconstruct the mystifications of the dominant social order and the construction of subalterity.

Fuck you, Lauren Langman and Valerie Scatamburlo.

So yeah, my days are filled with that, at the moment. Although after I've finished this beast I have about a week before my next assignment is due. Sigh.

But guys, I'm more worried about myself. I think I'm turning into a yuppy faggot scumbag! In the past three days I have:

a. bought a green bag thing from Coles.
b. filled (a.) with fromage de chèvre, soba noodles, and San Pellegrino.
c. (legally) downloaded Hung Up, by Madonna.
d. found (c.) to be slightly awesome.
e. found Cap Guy's Christmas present at Louis Vuitton.

Sigh. What has become of me? I miss my old down-to-earth self of last week.

But don't fear, I haven't fully morphed into a tool. I see people walking around uni with those stupid green bags and I just think "oh, you dickhead". Why would people carry books in those bags? Don't they realise that they look stupid? Even worse are the frumpy sluts and the chicks who think they are hot shit who carry their shit around in a Supré or Cotton On bag! BWAH! How embarrassing. At least the Coles one doesn't inform everyone that you shop at cheap, tacky outlets.

And as for the Madonna... I don't really know to explain that one. I don't normally like Madonna. I think she should retire in her "In-glish Man-ah" already, and every now and then appear in some photospread doing more lame yoga poses like it's 1998 again (but only if she absolutely must) to stroke her ego. When it comes to releasing albums, however, I generally think it's time for her to give it up. But Hung Up is so damn catchy! I think it reminds me of my favourite song of all time (well, my favourite gay song of all time) How Did You Know?, the 77 Strings remix by Kurtis Mantronik. Which in turn then reminds me of my good ol' club years where we used to stay up all night drinking French Martinis and smoke flavoured tobacco and thought we were hot shit.

Sigh, those were the days.

But yeah. I'm sure her next single will drop her back into the "irrelevant matron" category. Stupid Madonna. And you'd think that considering a few years ago she wore those bitchy t-shirts trying to ascertain her superiority over Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears she wouldn't be following their leads. Like, didn't Kylie do the whole disco thing in 2000? And some of the promo work for Madonna's album looks suspiciously Minogue-esque. What next Madonna? Shaving your head and rocking a Chanel bandana?