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Friday, October 07, 2005
Which do you think is lamer? a. my favourite TV show is a stupid show aimed at thirteen year olds learning French featuring a stupid American with a bad accent and his French friends that is on at like 11.00 on Friday mornings, or b. that I am really upset because I think they cancelled it!! It was hi-larious! Like, the last episode I saw, they went to London and ordered tea or some shit. And then they went to a club, and one of the chicks thought they saw Prince William. But it was like, funny and shit. But I'm so pissed that they cancelled it! So now my favourite show has become Australian Princess by default. Which I suppose is lamest of them all, sigh. Of course, I'm looking at it from a psychological point of view. I mean, people must be pretty fucked in the head if they want to be a princess. I mean, rich? Naturally. Shagging handsome foreigners? Fun! But wanting to actually be a princess and walk around all suppressed and shit doing like, charity work in Ethiopia or Cambodia or one of those desert-y places? Uhm, ew. Issues, much? They were probably all raped by their fathers or something, and feel the need to be rescued, fairytale style. Gag me. And anyway ladies, let me tell you a little secret: if you don't know how to hold a champagne glass by now, you never will. Plebs.

Ugh, I have thought waaaay too much about Australian Princess. Naturally I am accounting it to this hideous heat. It was 34 degrees at 9.30 this morning! Exactly how is one meant to function with heat like that? And my stupid parents think heat is character building, so they refuse to install central air-conditioning. They say that because our house is a stupid Old Queenslander type thing it would be cost prohibitive or some shit, and they say that these houses were built to self-cool. Bull. Shit. And then I point out that they have conveniently air-conditioned their bedroom and one of the sitting rooms they frequent and they always reply that they "grew up just fine" without it, and when I get to their age I can install as much air-conditioning as I like. Like, rude much? I'm sure the weather is much worse these days what with the hole in the ozone etc. And anyway, I'm so outta this city and its fucked humidity the moment I land a high-paying, bad-ass job. Any day now...

But back to my favourite TV show. If any of you people know where it went, I shall be eternally grateful! I will send you a photo of my scrotum or something. Get busy!