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Friday, November 11, 2005
All those suckahs still doing exams and assignments and presentations -- suck my cock, bitches! I finished!!! Woo! Egads! Zow! Pop! Etc. Actually I finished on Monday, so that would probably seem a lot more exciting back then. But yeah, no more work for like, three months! Of course, my assignments all sucked arse, and I don't think I will get into Honours or what have you, but eh. Does Honours actually DO anything? I mean, really?

Eh. Maybe if I have the marks I could still do it anyway. I mean, it's not as if I have a HECS debt or anything (meanwhile, fellow up-fronters, don't you just die of embarrassment when tax forms/friends/acquaintances ask about your HECS debt and paying it off? Cringe!).

But to celebrate my success at handing in assignments, I whisked myself too Louis Vuitton. Well, the trip wasn't really for me, but I saw something there that I really want to get for Cap Guy, so I was just taking a look to see if they had it in stock, or how long it would take to get in, etc. And meanwhile, rude much? No one gave me the time of day! I saw like, three bitches loaded down with trays of glasses of water and shit for this fucking Indonesian couple, but did I get offered a refreshment while I waited? NO! And I actually had money to spend. Those fucking Indos were probably just scouting for ideas for their sweat shop, and working out how to sew in bombs or some shit. Actually, the only person who greeted me was the fucking doorman. Obviously the man knows his shit, but is that going to get me over-priced, over-rated leather goods?

How completely unsatisfying.

Meanwhile, it's 10 o'clock on a Friday night and I'm blogging. God, another low. Maybe on my holiday I can like, develop my personality and actually attract some friends, rather than slowly repel them, like a skunk using his foul scent to ward off predators.