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Thursday, December 15, 2005
I'm not feeling Christmas this year. Maybe because no one in this stupid house can be arsed putting up our tree, or maybe because I haven't had enough time to watch enough daytime TV to get into that "magic" spirit with Chrisco, or maybe because I've been too stingy to get off my ass in this heat and go buy family members the requisite trinkets one is meant to cough up at this time of year, but I am totally lacking the Christmas spirit this year. Which sucks, because I've just found out that we are hosting all the family this year again, which means weeks of frantic cleaning and decorating and cooking. You know, all that necessary shit needed to make the season jolly. Gag me.

Sigh. And I have no idea what to buy Cap Guy. I sort of want to get him a card and write "you are so dumped" on it, but I can't. I think maybe he isn't the right one for me at the moment, but then there's a whole lot of stuff I do like about him. Like, I would like to change a lot about him, and there are lots of things I would like to do with myself which I couldn't really do with him on the scene. But then he does something nice, and he is fun, and we do share similar tastes, etc., so then I feel bad about wanting to stop seeing someone just because a few areas need a bit of work. Also, he says he bought me an excellent present, so I have to wait until at least... mid-January if I were to send him to Dumpsville. But then his birthday would be nearing, and even I am not mean enough to dump and thus deprive someone of my presence during their birthday. Why must relationships be so hard, dammit?

Anyway, to spread the joy of Christmas, I have compiled a brief list of things that are absolutely shitting me at the moment:

1. Shaving.

I used to be a good shaver. Now I have like, a small red patch of irritated skin on my beautiful, long, creamy neck. GO AWAY. What's with that? I haven't changed my brand of razor or cream or whatever. Is this what aging is all about? Am I going to have to start shaving my back now?

2. Sydney.

You dickheads. Why cause race riots the week before I go down? I'm meant to go down there for like, a day to look at a house with Cap Guy, but now I just know that MY flight is the one going to be overtaken and transformed into a flying weapon of doom in retaliation to your stupid, cuntish, drunk Westies. Eat my ass.

3. Fucking "Chinese" Geckos.

They used to be translucent and cute. Now they are like, the size of blue tongue lizards. Ew. Stop croaking at me.

Uhm, that's all for now. Sigh. I'm so irritated at the moment! I think I just need to get laid more often. Maybe I need to start swapping pictures of penises like Cap Guy. I notice HE never seems particularly cranky and irritated. Sigh.