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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Oh boy! Summer is here! Yay! Snap! Woot! Par-tay! I just love summer. I love the sun seemingly rising at 5 in the morning, blinding me through my stupid non-covered windows. I love reading the thermometer at 7 to find the mercury already pushing 30. I especially love getting sweat behind my knees when I sit to have breakfast at 8. And from 9-6? Well, it wouldn't be summer without the constant fatigue, butt-sweat, and the inability to do anything outside for longer than 30 seconds, would it? Sigh. Stupid summer.

This one (okay, we have had summer for seven days now, I am allowed to refer to it as if we have been living in the stupid season for much longer than that) has been particularly annoying due to the lame storms we keep getting. Like, it is unbearably hot during the day and then we get crazy ass electrical storms at night. Thanks to the weather:

1. Our cable got scrambled by a lightning strike, so every channel on TV resembled the porn channel. But the internet cable was out too, so I couldn't like, look at porn and stuff.

2. The rain de-balanced the delicate chemical system we have going in the pool, which turned it a lovely shade of green. As the pool boy is "unavailable" at the moment (which means "too fucking hot, do your own work loser" in blue-collar speak), we haven't been able to use said pool.

Ugh, working class. Not only has the pool boy been slack, but the fucking cable guy took FOREVER to come around to fix our cable. Like, a week? Why don't they employ more people, because when he got here he was totally rude, and saying that it "wasn't his job" to fix the computer as he has six more places to go or some shit. Like that's my problem, bitch? He also urinated in the bathroom while he was here, which I think is like, disgusting. He even accepted my mother's offer of a drink! I didn't know people actually accepted the beverage. Isn't it custom to just ask and then they politely refuse? And then because he accepted said beverage, she ran around like an idiot trying to find something for him. She ended up giving him mineral water, but I don't think he liked it very much. Cockwank.

But at least now the computer is fixed. Which was bad in a way, because mother somehow found some old porn I had left on the computer. How embarrassment. And it wasn't like, nice, soft, happy porn. It was pretty full on. Yikes. At least she wasn't too horrid about it, just suggested I delete it. I didn't even know I had any porn on there! But just in case, I think it's time that I have my own computer. I'm going to get one of those bad-ass laptop thingies. Then I can cart it around and be all pretentious and black square-glasses wearing next semester.

Uhm, anything else interesting happen to me lately? Hmm, no. I went shopping for a new bed, found shit all. Stupid ugly frames. Uhm, anything else? Stupid summer is so boring.