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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Oops. My bad. Sorry, I didn't mean to leave you with a post about my piss for quite so long, but I got a bit distracted with the many goings-on of my very busy life. But in case you wanted an update (especially for you revolting homos who like warm pee splashing over them like briney, urea-y waves), my pee still smells like popcorn. Oh, and if I've been to your house, I've peed in your sink. Sorry, I always have to mark my territory.

But anyway, enough about my nectar-esque urine.

What else has been happening... uhm. Not much. Christmas, New Year, work, etc. I gave Cap Guy a book for Christmas, and he gave me Louis Vuitton luggage, so I felt a bit bad about that. Speaking of which, I really should take "Louis Vuitton luggage" from my Hates list... I've become quite the Vuitton whore. But anyway, back to my shopping dilemma: I thought I could buy him a better birthday present, but I think I'm about to get fired. So yeah, soon I might be home a bit more to fill you guys in on my many wacky adventures! I must get in the habit of updating more. It's no wonder I never win those stupid blog award thingies. (Oh, word on Ruth's version of the awards -- teehee! Of course, I bet I wouldn't win any of those either, hmmph.)

But I do have a digital camera now, so if I were intelligent and could work out how to use it, I could totally get technical and become a photoblogger. But although my camera was designed for retarded twelve year olds, I still can't work out how to take any decent photos. So until I rent Digital Photography for Dummies from the library, my poor old House will have to linger around, oldskool style.