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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Today at Coles I bought:

-- Veet hair removal cream (with silk extracts!)
-- Reef Coconut sun tan oil
-- Proscuitto
-- Diet Coke

Gayest. Basket. EVER.

Well, okay, I've seen some pretty gay (and enormous) baskets around the traps at fag bars and shit. But seriously: could I buy any more gay shit if I tried? I suppose I could have bought one of those super-size sweet potatoes and some KY Warming lube (which I am still quite eager to try. Although I suppose if I wanted to have a burning cock, all I would have to do is dip it into Ian Thorpe's gaping, anti-puckered anus. BAM! Ian Thorpe burns never get old... and he's going to be on TV 24/7 with that Simpsons marathon he's hosting. Muwahaha, that's gonna be sweeeeeeeet.)

Ahem. Sorry, got a little side-tracked there.

But yes, obviously I'm going on holiday. I'm having a mini break up in the tropics for a few days, so if you don't hear from me for a while, it means I've either died in a plane crash (I'm flying a "QANTAS affiliate", which means plebby JetStar or Australian Airlines, shudder), stung by a box jelly, ripped apart by sharks, or have been abducted and cannibalised by an Aboriginal tribe. Although I'm hoping the Reef coconut sun tan oil will help me blend in to help prevent that last one.

I've so earned this holiday as well. Like, I've been totally run off my feet, working my hole out, and I haven't had any time just to like, relax. Also, I've spent like, ALL my well-deserved wages on other people! What's the point of having an income if you don't get to spend it on yourself? Like, I haven't bought anything for myself to make myself feel good. Is it any wonder that I feel a bit depressed and in-a-rut? Well, okay, I bought myself some sunglasses which are totally boss. But they are like, necessary. Oh, and some underwear, but that was really necessary. Sigh.

So this weekend I hope to brown myself into oblivion, and get all rested and relaxed,
because uni is starting again soon. Well, okay, I have like, another month of holidays to go, but still! Time is running out. Unfortunately, for some reason, I'm going up north. I can barely stand the humidity here in stupid Brisbane; I don't know why I'm subjecting myself to such torture. Stupid Australia. Hopefully I'll only have six months left of uni and then I am so blowing this stupid country.