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Friday, February 17, 2006
Wow, the shit really hit the fan with that Desci/chick-getting-stalked-who-I've-never-read scrag-fight, didn't it!

I think that's the boring part of Australian web-bloggery: everyone is just so damn nice to each other. Everyone KNOWS that everyone else is bitching about each other. And frankly, it's time to get it all out there! In honour of this new, out in the open, refreshing change, I have decided to air some of my true feelings about some *cough* writers out there at the moment. The truth must be heard! In haiku form.

CultureStrain's Sam:

Your Aus culture blog
decends into vapid gash.
Your grammar is shit.

The Line of Contempt's Ruth:

Stupid lesbian,
come out of the closet now!
You speak Hindi well.

Inhibitory Links' Scott:

Poof who is a shrink?
Ha! You should be in the chair
daddy issues, much?

Queer Penguin's Sam:

Queer issues are dull.
Stick to more exciting shit!
I hear you are hung...

Someone in Melbourne's Desci:

Quasi-goth beeyotch,
Fans just want to see beaver.
I don't mean me though.

Phew. It's hard writing haikus. And yes, I am aware they aren't proper haikus. You all can shove it. But I hope I opened up some dialogue. I feel much better!