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Thursday, March 02, 2006
So as promised I dragged myself to uni yesterday (but only as I had a meeting with my supervisor. Otherwise I'm sure daytime TV and indulgent shopping expeditions would have kept me away from campus). But I'm so glad I went! I like, totally fell in love. He was this absolutely beautiful boy, and I walked behind him as we ascended a hill. Despite the heat and humidity of pre-rain Brisbane, I was momentarily in heaven. Calf muscles flexing as his long, brown legs pumped up the incline; a perfect pert rounded arse twinkling enticingly, almost begging for some attention; the muscles of his back and broad shoulders rippled as he carried his books... guh. It took all I had to not push him into a bush and have my filthy, perverted way with him.

I bet he was totally fag-esque too. Unfortunately I wasn't sure, otherwise I would have been more adventurous and forthright. Instead of merely following him up the hill (and no, I wasn't stalking, I was heading in that direction anyway I swear!) I would have... I don't know. Pulled some subtle Dawei moves, like... uhm... pretending to be a foreign student and asking where some building was or some shit. But he was one of those annoying fringe types who you can never be sure about. I had to mentally compile a list!


  • Did not have a man-bag, but instead carried his multitude of books under his arm, (inferior) private school boy style.

  • Cross necklace around the neck.

  • Unfortunate striped polo shirt and ugly-ass camouflage print shorts.

  • No sunglasses (if sunglasses are present, they must be Oakley or... that brand which has the lightening bolt to pass the heterosexual test).

  • Leg hair not even attempted to be groomed (thankfully it wasn't black, barf).

  • Those horrible thongs you buy in surf shops with the curly-ish surface.


  • Beautiful flippy fringe, which had one or two subtle blond highlights to add texture. A bit gay, but elegant.

  • Full, suckible, pouty lips. Totally gay.

  • The cross necklace was not only made out of nickel (gay), but it was thick and quite chunky, so it was more of a style statement (GAY). Also, it wasn't one of those hideously tacky ghetto-style crosses, so he was being slightly unique (very GAY).

  • Was wearing a ring.

  • White belt with metal stuck-on bits. Ick. And very, very gay.

  • Was too good looking to be heterosexual.

  • Bitchy, cranky attitude. Swoon.

    Knowing my luck he was heterosexual, but it's not as if I would have done anything really. I am a good, faithful boy afterall*, sigh. But yes. Perhaps it is a sign of attractive things to come? The attractive levels of uni has sky-rocketed in the past few years, now that like, 80% of campus are Scandinavian.

    * Also, the books he was carrying were for some Botany subject -- EW. I'm done with paupers, thanks. Also, he got into a shitty car, which clearly had no air-conditioning as he drove off with the windows down. Uhm, thanks, but no thanks.