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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Sorry to infringe upon the territory of two of my best blogging buddies (alliteration makes that seem less lame, obviously), but I really must let my feelings known about two subjects:

MUSIC: You know what I'm hating at the moment? Songs which have like, little kids singing the chorus. Usually this technique is when the music fades out or some shit, and a little choir is yodelling away at the chorus. EW. I imagine the music producers guys scouting out kindergartens and sitting all the kids around in a circle and making them sing these stupid lyrics. For some reason I find it really creepy. The Gorillaz and The Living End are two huge offenders of this crime in recent memory.

TELEVISION ADS: You know what I'm loving (and because of that love, HATING myself)? That guy in the Macleans ad. You know that one where there is that boy and girl brushing their teeth in some magical communal airport toilet? And then they poke their tongues at each other? And then she totally mouth rapes him? Yeah. I think he's quite hot! How embarrassing. His dorky laugh/smile at the end is quite nauseating (but, cute), but I find him strangely irresistible. Guh, what is wrong with me? When that ad comes on, and if my mother or sister are in the room, they are like "EWWWWWWW!" and I'm like *rub rub rub* under a blanket. I'm revolting. The top the evil rapist wears is quite cute though, so that's another redeeming feature I suppose...