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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Why must I be so smart? WHY??? I cunting hate fucking advanced university. Like, I know I'm talented and shit, but I really wish they'd just give me my cunting piece of paper. Tomorrow morning I'm meant to produce an abstract and plan and all this shit for my fucking research, but I've got nothing! Well, I have something, but it seems entirely half-baked. My supervisor will cut me down with a raised eyebrow and a brow-crinkle. Bitch, keep off my moves! Sigh. I mourn for the easy subject days of researching the day before, and then undertaking a writing mission with eighteen hours to go. Sigh.

You stupid people who like, do manual arts and wear blue collars and stuff don't realise how lucky you are. It's the same with disabled people -- they are so easily entertained and happy. And for some reason the men are really hung. Well, I don't know that for sure, I haven't done any retards (well, a couple have been questionable I suppose). But they are looking very bulge-y. Hmmph. Lucky retardos.

But other than my university gripes, I don't have much to complain about. How... boring. Oh, I shaved off too much sideburn the other day, so I look a little like a highschooler again (Cap Guy will be happy, sigh, he's getting into kinky shit. Eek!). I think I need a hardcore shopping mission to raise my spirits. I bought a book and new sheets today, but they are both essentials so it doesn't really count as a shopping trip. I need some extravagant shoes, or a badass computer, or a new bag (!!! my beloved bag broke! Sob!), preferably of the Hermes variety.

I bet retarded people don't dream of having Hermes bags. I'm sure they would be content with the green Coles bags, or those embarrassing bags from Supre and Cotton On. Although, if that were true, half the university population would be retarded. Seriously, what is up with that? Why would you advertise that you shop at such ridiculous establishments?