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Friday, April 28, 2006
I'm in quite a good mood today. I'm handing in my last mid-semester assignment today, and while it's admittedly a bit on the crappy side, it means I have like, five weeks until my buttload of research assignments are due! Woohoo! Which means I have nothing to worry about for four weeks! Except for impending failure, a totally shit thesis and a supervisor I really want to impress, not being able to graduate, being able to graduate and what that would mean, my career, my life, my soul, etc.

Sigh. But you know, other than that I'm all mellow and shit. I even went to the dentist yesterday! I was really nervous, as I hate the dentist. Like, I would rather have a pap smear than go to the dentist. Or, you know, the male equivalent up the butt. And I've been going to this same one since I was like, born, so I have even more pressure to perform! Like, I don't have any fillings, never had braces, have room for my wisdom teeth; I have like, a perfect set of chompers. But that just makes going to the dentist worse, as what if I do have a cavity? I feel as if I'd be letting him down. God, I'm pathetic.

But yes, it was all good. He went to town with that hook/scraper thing though as I had "scales". I always get sweaty palms at that stupid hook. And this time was a bit gross, as I could feel the... calcified matter flicking up against the roof of my mouth. Ewww! And when he was done and I was walking back into the reception room, he said I had a bit of "debris" left on my face. Guh.

But yes, so now I have like, a Hollywood-esque mouth, and my hair is look hawt. Gotta love Autumn/Winter for the lack of humidity in the air. No more random curling, whee.

And two pieces of random information:

1. My crush on the Scandinavian is in its death throes. I think some unfortunate shoes killed the deal. Sigh. Oh well.

2. And speaking of shoes, I'm sort of in love with these:

How come theres no such thing as ridiculously overpriced, flashy-as-fuck shoes for men? The only ones I've seen were some hideous baby-blue croc skin loafers from Dolce & Gabbana, which were just ew. I'm SO becoming a shoe designer. Terry Biviano can lick my hole.