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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Some rather sad news: it would appear that my kitty-cat has died! Well, we don't know for sure, but she sort of disappeared, and we assume that she has gone off to die. You know how pets seem to do that tragically instinctive "I must be alone when I die" voyage into the unknown? Sigh. Poor kitty. I don't mind that she died (she was like, nearly 24 and has had a bloody good life of eating, sleeping, shitting, and killing various birds), but it's sad because we can't find her! She is like, this little black thing, and if she's curled up under a bush or in the tiny space under the house she is undetectable. I don't want her to get eaten by ants! That would be... undignified. Although what is more likely is the dog finding her rotting corpse and plonking her inside the house somewhere, ew. Sigh. Poor kitty. Although she was a bit of a bitch, and liked being alone and didn't like to be touched (hey, who does?), so maybe this is the way she would want to go.

But yes, it's a bit sad. My parents bought her from the RSPCA when I was like, eight months or something, so I can't remember a time when she wasn't around. She liked chasing me after dark when I would come back from playing with the neighbour next door, and claw at my heels as I ran screaming inside. In her old age (like, the past ten years) she used to like to stare at the white walls, thinking it was the fridge. Her favourite food was tinned sardines and chopped up chicken breasts. Sniff.

Meanwhile, that neighbour used to like to play a game when he would show me his penis on my command. Do you think he's gay? I bet he is, and would be one of those guys who totally love to get fisted and dominated. He's quite hot too. Hmm. Food for thought, and all that.