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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Very strange -- kitty cat still hasn't been found, and there has been not a whiff of rotting feline corpse to be snuffed. How strange. I think she has walked off into a parallel universe, His Dark Materials-style. And I think she took my shorts! I can't find them anywhere. And it's a real shit, as they are my nice, tailored-y looking ones which have a nice clean line and I look very bulgey in them. Sigh. Stupid cat. I tell people that I think my cat has taken them with her into the next life, and they think I'm cute and miss my cat. But really, I miss my shorts more. At least the cat had a tremendously long life! I only had my shorts for a few short months.

Other than that, not much to report I'm afraid. I'm so totally "knuckling down" at my university studies. I totally creamed an assignment which isn't even due until tomorrow (of course, the quality is probably reminiscent of loose, wet ass). Oh, and Hot Scandinavian Guy is totally being the best incentive to attend class. Today he asked me what book I was reading, and nodded his head in an interested manner when I gave an appropriate reply. SWOON. Do you think he likes me? I think he does. I mean, who wouldn't? But I'm all out of fragrance, so tomorrow I will have to go buy a fresh bottle. Oh, and over the break I'm SO getting nice and tan, so my green eyes really pop. And I do need to invest in some new clothes. Unfortunately, my credit card is nearly expired, and my parents have hinted that they won't be renewing it. Pff, fuck that! Like, rude much? I thought the primary responsibility of parents was to like, care for their young and support them and shit? But I suppose that just means I'm going to have to really kick things into gear if I'm going to get all nice and ready for next term's rampant flirting. Although Hot Scandinavian Guy isn't completely charming: his handwriting isn't very nice. I do enjoy the company of a man with nice penmanship. Oh, and I think his hair is like, overly straightened.

Sigh. I think I'm too picky.

Actually, probably more obsessive than picky. But I've always been that way! Mother says that it's a sign of intelligence... or maybe she's just humouring me. I'm sure it was adorable when I was being a four year old nerd and researching dinosaurs and space and diamonds in between nap-time and finger-painting. But my obsessiveness is probably a little pathetic in my early 20s; spending time and money planning ahead to ensnare a Scandinavian who I can't have, and don't really want. Well, romantically. Socially he would be quite nice! He could help me increase my international vocabulary of dirty words, and invite me for holidays to his family's sprawling house in the Swedish Alps or wherever.

But I have more things to worry about than foxy Scandinavians. I saw an excellent job I'm going to apply for. And it's like, a proper job! With like, a salary and stuff! I would be so excited if I got it (or even an interview). Of course I won't, and not getting it will send me into a shame spiral. But hey. Baby steps. I already saw the best bag I'm going to buy for my interview. It's like, totally corporate but slightly off-beat. And totally a business expense! See, I'll be corporate in no time!