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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Brr, cold morning. It must be like, fifteen degrees! My fingers are totally numb. I'm actually considering putting on my hot gloves to type this post. Cup of tea instead *smack smack*. Ah.

Anyhoo, I'm in a bit of a quandary. Like, because I've been feeling totally down in the dumps, I cheered myself up by buying a single. Like, remember those? I haven't bought a single since like, grade eight. But I'm on an Apple now, and can't like, work out how to legally (cough) download songs. Anyway, I quite enjoy having a physical disc and cover art, etc. Anyway, the track listing has the original song, two remixes, a cover version, and a video. But when I get home I am horrified to discover that there is only one remix instead of the two aforementioned remixes. Is this normal policy? Do I have the right to take back my single and get an exchange/refund? I don't want to sound particularly tight. It would be most embarrassing as it's not a very credible track and was bought at K-Mart. I wouldn't want the poor retarded-looking workers thinking that I actually cared about... this particular track, or the four dollars I wasted buying it. Okay, my mother bought it for me, but I was totally down in the dumps! And okay, fuck it, it was the Sugababes' Red Dress. I don't care what you say, the Sugababes are boss.

Meanwhile, did y'all know that K-Mart had like, so much stuff in it? You can buy fucking tyres there! I was almost tempted to poke around a little longer -- purely for sociological reasons, mind you -- but unfortunately the stench of rubber, plastic shoes, and cheap cosmetics drove me away. And that was just the customers. Oh yeah, snap!