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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Fuck, I have gimp eyes! Remember I was going to get my eyes checked, and then hopefully have a slightly pov reading vision so I could rock some hot Dolce and Gabbana glasses? Well, it was my last post so y'all should remember. But anyway, turns out I have keratoconus! Mildly, mind you, but it still means my left eye is very slightly shaped like a cone. Who knew?! Ugh, how utterly repellent. Stupid eyes. And I like, eat lots of raw carrots. Sob, why is this happening to me? I might have to have the corneas of a dead person sewn onto my eyes! Or wear some weird "hard contacts" which sound terrifying. Although I suppose if I have to get contacts in a few years I can get some crazy coloured ones happening. Le sigh. What crappy news. AND I have like, killer cramps from hell at the moment, and I'm totally stressed from my looming assignments. Sigh. I really need a kick up the date to get moving. I'm meant to have a full draft of 5000-ish words by Friday, and I've done like, nothing. I suck.

But I knew something was up with my eyes. Like, I normally read quite well, but I haven't been enjoying it much lately. And maybe that's why I've been putting off my work... yes, that's it! I'll blame my stupid eyes and not my slack, non-driven ass. Sigh. It's always terrifying to be confronted with one's mortality, isn't it? Like, my body is already failing me. Soon I'll be confined to a wheelchair with a colostomy bag. At least I'll try to have Louis Vuitton to emboss it or something. Sigh.