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Thursday, May 04, 2006
I'm feeling a bit on the assy side. I have another scary meeting with my supervisor tomorrow. According to my very tidy time-line, I'm meant to have finished my research and have written about one third of my final essay! Instead I have a library fine of ten bucks, have taken only a few pages of notes, and have forgotten to write down any interesting quotes from my literature. GREAT! Stupid Dawei. I don't know how people ever do their, like, Ph.Ds or whatever. And while I quite like the idea of research, I am SO bad at any sort of organization. So I have like, fifty pages of notes flying around with no way of sorting out what's what. Grumble.

But yes, so I'm a bit stressed at the moment. And I like, shaved off my stubble, so I look a bit like a waxed ferret with these massive Birkin-esque bags under my eyes. I look much better with stubble. I think my angular jaw and pointy cheekbones make a nice frame, but without hair I look a bit like a hollowed out Skeletor. Oh, and while I'm complaining about my appearance, my hair is like, slightly too vertical up front. The back looks awesome, and my hair has decided to be honey blond this week, but up front I'm resembling Fry.

But graduation is sort of looming ahead of me. Which is kinda cool, but kinda freaky. Like, what do I do after I graduate? Do Honours? Get like, a job? Run away? I'm sort of leaning on the "running away" side, but I don't really know where I would go. I don't have any employable skills, any financial independence, or even like, suitable clothes if I were to run away to Iceland or some shit! How lame. If I had known that I was going to have to grow up at some stage I would have like, done something useful after highschool.

But yeah, I probably won't be able to graduate anyway, so I don't know why I'm stressing. At least then it would give me another six months to get my life together so I can start kicking the world's ass!

OH! One good thing has happened recently: I've totally discovered a new pen. It's called a V-Pen or something, and while it looks absolutely hideous, it is the best pen like, ever. I can't stand ballpoint pens, but I find inky pens smudge too easily with my retarded left-handedness. But this one is brilliant! It's like, a disposable fountain pen, so it looks suitably wanky. But the ink dries really quickly, and makes a wicked scratchy noise while writing. I just Googled it (yes, I'm lame) and apparently it comes in other colours. Well, over in America and Europe anyway. I bet stupid Australia doesn't. Everyone seems to write in black here -- BORING. Actually, everyone seems to be writing on laptops at uni at the moment, so I feel like a loser getting excited over a pen. My parents were going to buy me an Apple laptop thingie but they pulled out at the last minute. Rude! No wonder I'm not generous or anything. Learning by example much?