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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Oh dear, last night I had quite a spectacular erotic dream about Big Brother's David! Quelle embarrassant!

Actually, it wasn't very spectacular in the sense of limbs and organs flying apart and melting into one another, soaked in a liquid blur of seeping, pouring, spurting man-junk. But it did feel nice in the sense of warming my heart, people. Which, yes, I'll say it for you: "Oh, barf, Dawei!" Even my dream-self is a total, utter nerd. I think the dream involved a lot of kissing and hugging. And maybe I might have casually, but fondly, tucked a piece of his hair behind his hair. Ewww. I really don't know where that came from. I don't even like stupid David. His crumpled, Crookshanks-esque face (whee, literary reference) and plethora of Industrie faux-cowboy shirts are starting to bug.

And he seems so... needy. Not to mention emotionally fucked-up. Like, he rebuffed Rob because he wants a "husband", which, ew. I think I would only go down the marriage route for another passport (submit your applications, attractive Europeans). Well, I guess rebuffing Rob isn't such a big deal, but what a lame excuse! He should have just said "no, I don't want to date you, Rob, as you are a big skanky slut with STDs dancing out from your pores. Also: nice ponytail, ass.". Stupid David.

But yes, in this dream I was very happy with him. Perhaps I need to embrace the David in me... perhaps my subconscious is telling me to buy some brown leather shoes and grow my hair long and use blue contacts for that "freshly cried" look. Or maybe I just saw his face on the cover of Q-News in the Valley and he implanted himself into my neurones.

PS -- which boarding school did he go to? I hope he didn't go to mine!