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Friday, May 12, 2006
Oy, I'm hungover. Mother and I, for some unknown reason, watched The Footy Show last night. While it was quite nice to pretend to be in a lower tax bracket for a change, we decided to play a drinking game during the "Beaconsfield Bash". We each had to drink a mint julep when the following platitudes were spurted forth in a manner similar to a fire-hose enema:

1. "mateship" (this alone would have had the power to keep us in a suitably stewed stupor until champagne on Mother's Day).
2. "dig deep".
3. "Aussie heroes".
4. "The Great Escape" (utterly lame; I hope this doesn't catch on. Because that implies that the workers were the ones who freed themselves. They were well and truly rescued. Kudos for not going insane, though!)

Double shots for when:

1. Eddie Maguire got his fat mug in the camera frame, blocking out one of the miners.
2. Eddie Maguire talked about his "retirement", like, hello, we wish!
3. The whole telethon scenario seemed utterly contrived and pointless. Like, worst. Benefit. Ever. The Beaconsfield people had to like, sit out in the freezing cold to watch The Footy Show in a group? And watch Shannon Knoll? Haven't they been through enough?
4. Questions were raised about where the money was actually going. Not that there was ever really a number given out to the viewing audience so they could donate. It just seemed like corporate Australia licking serious anus, pretending to care. Lame, lame, lame.

It was quite interesting in a way. I liked how the miners totally put Eddie on the spot, and requested that all the money raised would go to Larry Knight's family. HA! As if that'll happen. Also, I found it curious that I instinctively much prefer the clean-shaven miner. I feel that the bearded one is hogging all the attention. I bet he stabs the other dude in the back to get the other half of the money. The nouveau riche have no idea about money.