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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Why I Hate the Working Class #34231: Three words: fucking. Public. Holidays.

Like, I have no problem with people taking a day off work. I'm sure your hands get quite sore working umpteen hours at the local factory (which I just discovered still existed in Brisbane! I thought factories hadn't been in operation since like, 1960. Like, apparently people still work in them in like, lines and stuff and sort boxes or debone fish and shit. Like... woah. How Industrial Age-esque! I've driven past plenty of factories in Newstead and Rocklea, but I thought they were all being converted into overpriced, river-view apartments. My bad). But, honestly, why does the whole fucking state have to grind to a halt on public holidays?

I thought that was the bonus of working on a public holiday? Don't you get like, "double time" or something? But much to my horror, everywhere was closed on Monday for Labour Day, and last Tuesday for ANZAC Day. Like, I can understand if people want to shut their doors for holy reverence on religious holidays (because even then two staples are still open: the Indians at the 7-11 and the Chinese restaurant), but why doesn't anyone work on these other stupid days? Like, boring! What are you meant to do, sit around and watch TV or something? I decided to make a nice cake or something, but even Coles was shut! My God, don't these people want to make any money?

And the places that DO open feel, for some reason, that charging an extra 15-20 percent "surcharge" is acceptable, and not highway robbery. I bought two coffees at Broadbeach on Monday... EIGHT DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS!!! My GOD. Nearly nine bucks for some punk with severe attitude and bad hair to make me a couple of fucking lattes. And they didn't even bring them out! I had to wait while he frothed the stupid milk, and then carried them out myself. What am I, a fucking waiter? God. People are so RUDE. That's the problem with the stupid Gold Coast: everyone thinks they are hot and rich and can therefore be justifiably attitude-y. Guess what? You suck.

Guh. So I've taken to totally sassing people who get in my way. I know it's a bit of a double standard, but I can fully back up my attitude so it's not a problem. I try to make myself feel sorry for those poor delusional people, but then I think, "hey, what's with the over-analysis, D? They are just boring, insignificant tools", and then I feel much better and quickly make with the withering looks and acid-like retorts. I hate the Gold Coast.