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Monday, May 08, 2006
You know, I found it quite offensive when the announcer proclaimed, after John Wood was (shockingly) "awarded" the "coveted" Gold Logie, that "Australia's longest drought has broken". Like, hello, how totally unsympathetic. Brisbane has like, no water left. In a couple of weeks we are hitting Level Three water restrictions which means we have to use a bucket to wash our boat. Ugh, total inconvenience. Like, at least with the cars you can take them to those places with all the Asians, who like, clean it in a conga line. But with the boat you have to like, spray it and scrub it yourself. Well, I don't clean it, of course, but it would be most time-consuming to like, fill up the stupid bucket like, six thousand times. I can't pretend to be occupied for that long. Stupid Queensland weather. It rains all the goddamn time, but like, none in the dam. At least the stupid rural famers and stuff are used to not having water. Like, I've grown accustomed to having nice grass and a full pool.

Meanwhile, speaking of Logies, what was up with fucking Bec "Hewitt"? Winning Best Dressed AGAIN??! Are people retarded? Observe:


Remember those old Paddlepops that were like, rainbow flavoured (well, coloured), and they tasted like ass and were always the only ones left when everyone had snaked the chocolate ones? Yeah. Barfed on to Bec, Australia's sweetheart. What I can't understand is that she proudly announced that she built the dress around her wedding shoes and earrings! Like, faux pas much? Recycle your wedding outfit? And the shoes are like, white Tracy Mathers, so hardly worth busting out again. And the earrings? Like, diamondy or silvery or something. So exactly what was the point of basing your dress around items that are either: a. covered and ugly, or b. versatile (and ugly). Stupid Bec.

PS -- I think she's had her boobies done. Those babies looked rock hard.

PPS -- She has an ugly baby.