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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

20 cunting thousand words in two weeks. My God, it nearly killed me, but I've finally fucking finished. Of course, I was so out of steam writing my last paper that it was 98% ass, but who cares? Well, I mean, I will when my marks come back, but I mean, like, at the moment I couldn't care less. Although you would think I would be like, totally euphoric and out getting drunk at ten in the morning and rushing to book a celebratory trip to Europe like everyone else seems to do when they finish, but I've been remarkably sedate. So far all I've really done is eat Chinese, nap, and recuperate.

But I suppose I need some time to refresh. Like, this morning, I watched like, two hours of W continuously (Providence and Strong Medicine!!!!) which, yes, suck. Well, Providence sucks ass; Strong Medicine reminds me when it used to be on Channel 10 during the day in like, first year, and is mildly enjoyable. But I was thinking, it was only last week that I was doing shit like this in the mornings and feeling guilty for not doing any work! Hooray!

And now I have a badass stack of magazines I'm just itching to tear apart. I cheated and briefly flicked through one the other day, and immediately spotted my next pair of sunglasses. Mother is taking me shopping tomorrow to celebrate, and I've had my eye on a few select purchases that will totally get me in the mood. Yay! I'm so getting a haircut as well. I had to put it off due to all my hardcore work, but now I am entitled to a little indulgence. My hair has passed that cute, elfin-y look and now I just look like an unkempt faux-bohemian, ew.

So yes, the next few days will hopefully be filled with nothing much more than devouring friands, reading magazines, spending money improving myself, and drinking away those couple of bottles of vintage Moët et Chandon rosé I've been saving for a special occasion. And hey, it's been raining for the first time in like, two years, so I've got like, another excuse to be fully lazy. Growing up can happen next week.