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Friday, June 02, 2006
So I had my scary meeting with my scary supervisor. Eek. She said that "it's good", and that it is "very well written"... but still managed to coat the 25-odd pages with scribblings and suggestions. Le sigh. Some of what she said will be easy to change, but there is one big "suggestion" which has my bowels liquified, and my throat closing over in nerves. Fuck fuck fuck, stupid Dawei! And I have like, a buttload of other work to be doing. Oh well. At least they are only like, a quarter as much work as this cunt of a paper. And my supervisor is a notoriously hard marker and incredibly thorough... see how I'm justifying my failure there? Hehe. Although I suppose I should get used to failure -- I shall be entering the workforce soon, and my job prospects still look non-existent. My sister says I should move to Japan and just teach English which sounds... a bit common and passé. But it would get me out of this town, I guess. But if I can barely master the English language, I don't know how I'd go with Japanese. Maybe I should go with something easier, like Dutch or Czech or Slovenian? Dawei was such hot property in Prague, I should definitely get back there.

Okay, I just planned my future! Whee!

In other news, my mother's new best friend is apparently Susie O'Neil. How... random and weird.