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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Well, I got my assignment done -- ten cunting thousand words in four days, not too bad. I handed it into my supervisor today, and we are meeting tomorrow to "discuss" it. I guess "discuss" means "point out how shit it is, and how fucked I am". Sigh. Although now I guess I've done most of the work, and it's not due for another two weeks. So now I can focus on my four other assignments which I have been neglecting, yay! But it's hard, as my stupid glasses still haven't come in yet, so I get tired of reading very quickly. Hmmph. So this is what it feels like to be disabled.

Unfortunately other than my current nerdish tendancies, there isn't much to report. I haven't done any sun-basking, no shoe-shopping, and certainly no acts of debauchery. How dull! I think I've even lost my beeyotching touch. Although tomorrow I have to take my sunglasses back which fucking broke, and I just know the snobby dickheads won't accept my claims to use the warranty. Fucking cheap-ass Versace. So I'm definitely going to have to ramp up into bitch mode if they hesitate to repair or replace. I'm hoping for "replace", as I've grown a little tired of them. I'm not too sure if they suit my face, really. It's so irritating. Like, I have quite a nice glasses face, but I'm always a bit paranoid that they look a bit mongy. Like, once I saw a girl wearing those massive-ass Dior bug-eye sunglasses, and she looked SO bad. Like, tiny little pig nose and squished, weirdly shaped head. Yuck.

But my new reading glasses are very nice and stylish. I just wish they'd hurry the fuck up. I mean, how long does it take to slide a piece of glass into a frame?