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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Well. That week sucked.

Putting down the dog was the worst thing, like, EVER. Seriously, anyone who has put down a pet has my complete retro-sympathy, and anyone who ever has to do it has my future-sympathy. SO FUCKING HARD!!! I cried like a girly-boy all week, especially if he would ever wag his tail, or trot around the yard, or run down to the gate to meet me. When he was finally put down it was a bit of a relief; he was really yelping a lot and wasn't happy at all, so it's good. I guess. But it's still a bit sad this week. I keep thinking "oh, the electrician is coming; I have to put away the dog" or I think I see the shadow of his ears poking out from under the house. But yes, I'm feeling better. And I won't miss the way he'd always steal my underwear from my bathroom and bury them in the yard. I think there must be, like, ten pairs of Calvins buried among the roses and camellias.

Dinner went quite well too. And I think I'm meeting up with him the next time I'm in Sydney, eek. Although it's completely non-sexual, so don't get too excited. And I still have, like, a boyfriend (eyeroll). I just thought I should mention that, I don't think I have for a while. Things are... going along. As to how well things are going on... well, I can't really say. I feel bad as there is nothing really wrong with the relationship (well, other than his jealousy and controllingness), but I'm positive there must be else out there. Especially as I'm itching to go overseas to work/live and he's really not into that. So I should end it sooner or later. But it keeps ending up being "later", while I should be just growing some balls and making it "sooner", already. But maybe I should line up my options first? Is that the way people do it? God. Sometimes my cluelessness shocks even me.