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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Le sigh, vale winter! It was nice while you were around. For that whole two weeks about a month and a half ago. Grumble. Fucking summer is back already! And I know you cunts down south don't give a shit because it's still pleasantly mild and you actually get seasons and shit, but argh. So annoying. I'm sitting here and birds are chirping and a slight dry breeze is fluttering some gauze-y curtains (hey, it's not my house and they are hung from a high ceiling, ok!) and the sun is warming the air. I know that all sounds quite horridly suburban and idyllic, but there is something sinister in the air. Perhaps because I know that full-blown summer is just around the corner, a time of year that I can't stand. Well, my birthday and Christmas are cool, but other than that this time of year has nothing going for it. Look, I'll list the plusses and negatives:

Positives of Summer

1. The aforementioned birthday (how about a little love this year, guys?) and Christmas.
2. Waking up at 7 with it not being completely black outside.
3. Cicadas.
4. Watersports.
5. Swimming and the pool is always fun too (ho ho ho).

Negatives of Summer

1. Christmas decorations in September, taunting me with images of snow and ice.
2. Unbearable, horrible, omnipresent heat and humidity.
3. Not being able to fill up the pool due to water restrictions (seriously, what the fuck?).
4. Butt-sweat.
5. Butt-sweat in bed. And NOT from sexual intercourse, but from mere relaxation!
6. No a/c in my bedroom to combat said bed butt-sweat.
7. Shorts become uniform. More so.
8. The inability to buy nice, flattering, attractive shorts that don't look faggot-y or lame.
9. Havianas. UGH.
10. Hair becomes frizzy, untameable mess.
11. Daylight Savings isolates South-East Queensland from the rest of civil Australia.
12. Walking is not a challenge for just the elderly or retarded.
13. Did I mention the heat?

Ugh. I could go on. But I'll spare you. It's just so disappointing that winter was so pov this year! I think I wore a hoody like, once, and I still managed to go swimming a few times. The thought of having to replace jeans with shorts is just far too depressing at the moment. Especially as I've been neglecting that area recently and I seem to have gone bush a little. Bah.

I'm still hoping that somehow I'll manage a ticket overseas, and I'll spend a lovely Christmas in Oslo or Prague or somewhere else deliciously cool. WHY did my parents choose to live here?!