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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Man, scouting for wedding outfits is hard. I take that back about you ladies; if I find it challenging to co-ordinate suitable shoes, trousers, and jackets for a day-time, not-formal-but-not-informal-wedding-at-the-beach-but-not-really, it must be a real cunting pain in the twatsy to do all that but add: makeup, hair, jewellery, and all that other feminine shit. Not that I won't be unconcerned with my hair and suitable jewellery, but, well, you know. I'm trying to be empathetic here!

So as I have no hope of ever finding the perfect outfit in one go, I'm currently just wading through fashion No Man's Land. I've gone totally professional! I've bought magazines and found pictures and stuff, and I am in the processes of sticking together a kickass Look Book à la Dawei filled with my favourite things! It's a bit like Oprah's Favourite Things, only my list has no crappy filler shit like cookies or a free dog wash or some shit. It has been getting a bit out of control though. Like, I've stuck in things like a lamp I want to buy from Space, and a sample colour of paint that may or may not be completely hideous. But I'm feeling so creative and organised I don't have the heart to tell myself that I'm just performing (elaborate) mindless busy-work. But it has helped clear some things up. I'll give you some Internet-y examples:

Alexander McQueen. Hearting the shoes, hating the rest. So I say "no" to blue outfits, unless it is entirely in the shoe.

Hermès. Shoes + trousers = hotness. Shirt + tie + blazer = dowdy banker. Only common people work at Macquarie.

Actually pause there. This is Louis Vuitton like, two seasons later. I'm still digging the prison pants. I think I'd like something like that. Although the bartenders at GPO used to wear them as their uniform, so maybe I'm just projecting from that hot guy who used to work there, hmmm. But anyway, I need a cool-ass jacket to go with it. So I've lined up prison pants, funky and weird-ass shoes, but I need a cool jacket to go with it all. Costume National looks good:

But it is a bit dressy, and long coats look stupid on me. Curse our stupid hot weather! Formal-wear looks SO much better when it's cold. I hate Australia. So at the moment I'm just completely bored with it, and instead of worrying about wedding outfits I just get carried away with the sheer awesomeness of these: my future work clothes!

Dries van Noten, Rykiel Homme, and Viktor & Rolf, oh my. Actually, I could probably get away with that last one at the wedding, hmm. Although I would have to improve on the footwear... Double hmm.

Okay, I know this post was a bit random and long-winded and probably boring. But it was useful to me! Moral of the story? I like scrapbooking!