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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Oh, my God! I like, totally experienced sex discrimination! Well, sort of. Anyway, Cap Guy and I were "enjoying" that gruelling task of bed shopping. I must say that I would rather shove a knitting needle in my urethra than go shopping for beds and mattresses, but Cap Guy's bed is just totally fucked. It has a huge dip in the middle, so I always roll into it in the middle of the night, and the next day he whinges that I'm a bed hog. Which I totally am, by the way, but I'd rather he think that it is entirely the mattresses' fault and not my selfish desire to stretch my legs.

But yes, anyway, we were hunting for mattresses, and the sales chick came up. Which I always find quite embarrassing, really; I hate getting given the hard sale. But she asks Cap Guy -- who at this point is starfishing on a bed, while I feign deep interest in an advertising brochure -- all about his sleeping habits, and if he has a partner. And he says he doesn't! How unPride of him! And then the sales chick was all "you hop on this bed too, and show your friend how it wouldn't move if his partner were getting in/out"! Lady, how dumb are you, exactly? We are two guys shopping for a mattress. I have a hundred dollar haircut and was wearing three hundred dollar shoes. There is no fanny-action going on around us.

But anyway, I was slightly miffed that stupid Cap Guy wasn't more Pride-y. Not that I'm particularly Pride-y. Actually, I'm not at all. The main reason why I wasn't on the bed with him when she approached was that I was embarrassed, and didn't want to seem like two poofs out for new bed to assist them to engage in dirty anal sex. So then why would I be miffed when Cap Guy mirrors my self-hating attitude? Perhaps I wish I was a different person, who could be all "no, we are together, ra! We're here! We're queer! We don't want anymore bears!"-esque or something. Stupid repressed Australian gay identities. I bet this wouldn't be an issue at all if I were Swedish.