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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Hooray! Happy birthday to me! Well, yesterday was my birthday, but I was very busy being all celebratory, etc. Well, not really. Everyone was at work so I was forced to go shopping by myself, but to tell you the truth I quite preferred it! Well, I was forced to take public transport (I know, some birthday treat), but that wasn't too bad. Well, there was only one drunk Aboriginal woman, but she was quite friendly. The real weirdo was this like, big biker dude, who was literally wearing no pants. I was quite shocked. I mean, I was grossed out, but in a weird sort of way I was quite pleased. I don't think you are truly a city until your public transport system is littered with oddballs, nudity, and public urination. Hopefully a long way from me, but you know. Well, the nudity can be near me if the individual in question is attractive I suppose. Unfortunately, this man was really not. He had a lot of white hair in a ponytail, a leather bandana thing, and a huge white shirt. I know Sam was trying to get me to see if his dick was hanging out, but I couldn't see. He was just... wearing a big white shirt like a dress! It was very weird, and I was quite thankful when he got off at the stop before mine.

But as for shopping, I spent about an hour in JV Hi-Fi, another in Borders, and several more trying on the many fine garments and shoes this town has to offer. Mother gave me her card and told me to go buy my own presents, so I had quite a lot of fun. But I'm typing this from my new badass MacBook thingie: they did end up buying me at least one hardcore gift! I am wrapped with it. It took me about four hours to set up this morning--the myth that Apples are incredibly user-friendly is just that! Utter fabrication!--but I finally am all wirelessly hooked up, and have my new desktop pictures up and everything! I feel so totally scholarly. Father said it was because I was thinking of Honours; I don't know how he would react if I decide not to go down that path, but eh. I feel so totally hardcore. I'm a hardcore nerd!

But I had a very nice birthday. Lots of gifties, some wine, etc. What more could one ask for? Well, I did want a trip to Europe, but I suppose there is always Christmas.

But I guess I am now officially old. Twenty-four. Sigh.

PS -- Gutted. I can only find a backspace delete button. I much prefer the forward delete one! This will take some working out.