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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Isn't this photo just a little bit too creepy to be in the Sydney Morning Herald? Never mind that Bindi was a bit robotic and unprofessional--hello, everyone knows you don't read a speech--but doesn't it look a bit like the wildlife is going back for seconds? Eh. Actually, her speech was quite nice. I was pleased with her accent too: it was quite pleasant on the ears for an Australian accent, I must say. Like, I only like my accent and Cate Blanchett's. Most others' are hideous. Although Bindi does have an American "r" which is a bit annoying. And I'm sure that's only going to get worse when Terri packs up shop and flies herself and her kids back to their massive Manhattan penthouse. Oh well. Although girlfriend was sporting, like, Oakley sunglasses, ew. Time to go designer, dear.

Unfortunately I missed most of the media storm. Which is a shame, as I quite like these sorts of things. Maybe I'm just a cultural studies nerd, but I find them really quite fascinating. Like all the bullshit they say. I mean, Hugh Jackman saying that his son suddenly blurted out "I think we all should be warriors like Steve!"? Uh, right. Somehow I don't think so. The only thing Hugh Jackman's son would blurt out is "why didn't my real mummy and daddy want me?" or "Daddy, what are you doing with that rolling pin up your colon?".

But that's just media events, I guess. I was a bit young to really "get" the whole Diana thing (on a critical level, I mean), so I suppose I may as well embrace the media blitz of "Our Diana". Poor dead Steve is being turned into some cultural revolutionary figure, most of which is just myth and post-death aggrandisement. Whoops, starting to channel a bit of Germaine Greer. Not that I mind Germaine. But you should hear my father! He cannot stop ranting about how ridiculous the Steve Irwin thing is, and how suddenly he is being called a "conservationalist". Not that I agree with him or anything. And hey, at least his family had the sense to turn down the State Funeral *cough*Brock*cough*. Sorry, Brock. Being impaled by a stingray is a much cooler way to die than slamming into a tree, so you should have turned it down as well.

PS -- on hearing the news about Brock, I hope I wasn't the only one whose first thought was "hooray! No more bad tyre ads featuring that creepy frog hand!"... or was I?