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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Oy. What a weekend of drunkenness. Three nights in a row! Well, I know that might not be a lot compared with some of you, but for me that is like, heaps. I remember the days when I would be in the clubs 'til friggin' dawn and I could comfortably drink all night and smoke endless packets of Cartier. But not anymore. Clearly.

But it was fun. Friday was spent catching up with an old friend I haven't seen for ages, and speaking embarrassingly bad French with some random chick I meant. I really need to take lessons again. I am le shit. Sigh. But it was definitely good to catch up with my old friend again, but the best part of the night was that I finally had an opportunity to wear my hot new shoes, and I didn't even ruin them by the end of the night! I ground out a few menthol cigarettes with them (shut up, smoking is cool! Well, not really, but I only had like, two. And menthol is the new black), but there were no scorch marks or lingering tobacco remnants so it's all good. Crisis averted. And I was home by like, 11.30, so it was a nicely compact evening.

Saturday was the wedding, and... yeah. Two words: open bar. I looked quite unreal, actually, despite my jacket dramas. Well, maybe not by the end of the night--not as bad as my sister, however, who came back to the hotel room in her bra and undies--but much hilarity and hijinks occurred. And the bride actually looked quite good and lovely in her dress, so I didn't have to feign any coo-ing over a tulle overdose or puffy sleeves or presence of tiara or pearl beading or anything. Weddings are quite fun!

And Sunday I had a big-ass dinner thing with plentiful wine, and I think I ended up more pissed than I did at the wedding. Maybe my body just gave in and flooded me with drunkenness in hopes that I would quit it with the alcohol already. But yes! Quite a fun weekend, although I think I have lost about three kilos from no eating and I'm sure my stools will be as black as the ace of spades. Oh well. That is the price you pay for amusement, non?