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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've just worked out who Australian Idol's Dean Geyer reminds me of. It's been on the tip of my tongue all year (not that I've watched much of Idol this year, I'm afraid), and I feel such relief at realising who it was. Behold:

Well, okay, obviously Dean has more hair. But his Keith Urban-esque flippy over-straightened hair is even more terrifying than Voldemort's shiny pate. But he has the same reptilian nostrils and scary snake-like face. I don't know why people think he is all that attractive. Okay, he has a nice body I suppose. But the creepily shaped face/nose--not to mention fundamentalist Christian tendencies--do not make up for it. I was rather joyous (in the immortal words of Marcia Hines) that he was in the Bottom Two; I just wish he could have gone back to South Africa where he belongs. And then he could have been gunned down in a bar, or be car-jacked with a flame thrower, or sold into White Man slavery or whatever happens over there in that weird-ass country.

Oh, and, just because. Here is another photo of Dean I found humourous:

Nothing more pathetic than someone wearing a clearly fake Armani Exchange beanie with a cheap t-shirt from Myer. Although the (badly bleached) blonde is a bit distracting. I think she looks cheaper than the t-shirt.

PS -- Dean, can you please tweezer those few stray eyebrows? I don't necessarily have a problem with dark eyebrows, but bushy ones? Uhm, no.